Changing Health Care, Changing Lives

Who We Are

Founded in 2017, AOPL dedicated team of top oncologist, healthcare experts, engineers and analyst designed a new health care delivery system and opened its first " Digital Clinic" to simplify value based sustainable health care in rural India. By associating with digital India an initiative of government of India and in partnership with Digital India "CSC" Customer Service Centre and "NDMC" (New Delhi Municipal corporation), AOPL has its objective to have transformative shift from sickness to wellness from product to services, towards innovative, ready to use technology solutions that support people and community. The " Digital Clinic" platform provided by us, gives new operating system in health care, which gives automated patient response experiences that lead to better, reachable and affordable health care.
Our 270+ digital clinic is readily available health care facility located across different state and geography, It is run by CSC nominated " Village Level Entrepreneur " called as VLE, this clinic provides access to quality health care by saving lives, strengthening families, and stabilize a community. Our " Digital Clinic " is empowering VLE's to become local change agent.
Our concept of health is to encapsulate the health of local communities and local environment and create holistic approach by engaging community and individual health. Our Team Believes " Individual Health & Community Health" is "one and same".

What We Do

AOPL proudly work closely with a range of stakeholders including governments, corporates to enable them to open the integrate and interconnected digital health clinic for providing holistic health care which moves people from sickness to wellness.

Our Vision

: To develop transformative & responsive health care operating system that bring physical and emotional well being by providing financial viable health care to all section of people and community.

Our Mission

is to provide holistic Health Care in rural area, by providing better primary health care through digital health clinic encompassing the Natural environment, community and Individual Health.